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Get a VA-Savvy Real Estate Agent in Your Corner

All real estate agents aren’t created equal.

It might not matter too much if you’re purchasing with a conventional, run-of-the-mill loan. But the VA loan is a unique tool that demands specialized knowledge.

The VA requires a home to be in good repair. Condos and homes that are part of an association must meet department approval. Private wells, septic systems, termite inspections and shared maintenance of roadways all have specific VA guidelines.

Military borrowers need a real estate professional who knows this incredible program, which has helped more than 21 million veterans secure mortgages since World War II.

Use Your Benefits

Finding a VA-savvy real estate agent is ideal, but it isn’t always possible. In those instances, it’s important that military borrowers hold fast to their desire to utilize their VA home loan benefits. The VA loan isn't a perfect fit for every veteran, but it's the answer for thousands upon thousands each year.

There isn’t a lending program on the market that can match the buying power and flexibility of the VA loan. Qualified borrowers can purchase a home with no money down and no private mortgage insurance.

An agent who doesn’t understand or support that choice isn’t a good partner.

Make sure you find one who is.

To find an agent in your area call Veterans United Realty at 800-985-5723.

Guiding Veterans

VA-savvy real estate agents can maneuver through the VA’s procedures and requirements and save borrowers from big-time hassles and headaches. An agent who understands the agency's property requirements, for example, can help steer borrowers away from problematic homes, saving them both time and money in the process.

Those who work routinely with military borrowers can make a huge difference in the lives of their clients.

“Don’t just open the phone book and say, ‘I’m going to choose this person,’” said Ruben Moya, who with his wife, Kerry, an Air Force veteran, purchased their Nevada home with a VA loan. “Do your homework on this person. Make sure they’re looking out for your best interests. It’s one of the biggest investments in your life.”

But finding a VA-savvy agent can prove difficult depending on where you live.

We can often help with that.

Veterans United coordinates Veterans United Realty, a national network of more than 5,000 real estate agents who specialize in military buyers. Veterans United loan specialists can connect borrowers to local agents who speak the language of VA loans. This program helps military members take full advantage of the benefits earned by their service.

Borrowers interested in using their VA home loan should consider using a Veterans United Realtor. Buyer's agents are local experts in the VA loan, meaning you have an experienced home-buying expert in your corner who understands your needs.