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Success with Lighthouse - Featuring Real Estate Agent Linda "Karly" Karl

Linda "Karly" Karl is an agent with a passion for working with military families. But sometimes military service members, veterans and their families have difficulty qualifying for a mortgage. She wants to help each and every VA buyer, but many face credit issues. That's where the Veterans United Lighthouse program steps in to help.

Thanks to the Lighthouse Program at Veterans United Home Loans, Karly has closed six VA loans totaling $817,507 since 2012. Those loans wouldn't have otherwise closed due to credit issues. From Lighthouse closings alone, Karly's been able to make approximately an additional $24,500 in commission (assuming 3 percent commission rate).

Think about the clients you were unable to assist in a home purchase due to their inability to obtain financing. Now imagine being able to tell them that there's still hope.

Lighthouse Program

The Lighthouse Program is a unique service provided by Veterans United Home Loans specifically designed to help clients who don't qualify for a mortgage on first contact or who aren't quite ready to buy. Lighthouse advisers use their skill and expertise to help countless veterans and current service members improve their application profile by working one-on-one with each and every client, reviewing the details of their credit report and providing simple steps to take to improve their credit or other areas of their application profile that may prevent them from obtaining loan approval.

And for any home buyer that's preparing to buy in the future, Lighthouse provides a hands-on licensed professional consultation to budgeting, credit improvement and overall home purchasing preparedness to get them in the best situation to buy. Our home loan consultants also work hand-in-hand with Veterans United loan officers, so that when the buyer is ready to move forward there is a seamless transition from Lighthouse to the loan approval process.

Veterans and current service members can work with our Lighthouse program completely free of charge. As an agent, you can look at Lighthouse as lead incubation. Let us help your clients who can't qualify today improve their situation. Once they have their credit in order, you can help them buy a home.

Refer your VA buyers to Veterans United, even if they've got shaky credit. We're dedicated to helping veterans, military service members and their families use their hard-earned VA loan guaranty.

Karly and her husband Sam Perez are First Weber Realtors in Milwaukee WI, with over 25 years of combined investment and sales experience. We would like to recognize Karly for all her hard work and dedication to veterans, current service members and their families. Thank you for serving those who serve.

A Few Words From Karly About Her Experience:

What benefits does the Lighthouse program offer your clients?

My clients have benefited from the Lighthouse program in a variety of ways. Some have repaired their credit, others have had their homes refinanced from conventional or FHA to attractive VA terms. The live consultants provide a tremendous amount of support to my clients when they had questions.

Has working with Veterans United changed your opinion on VA loans?

Yes, working with Veterans United has changed my opinion on VA loans. Working with a knowledgeable staff that understands the underwriting guidelines make the process for the real estate agent smoother and the client very happy and satisfied.

What is your favorite part of working with Veterans United and the Lighthouse program?

My favorite part of working with Veterans United is the knowledge, experience and accessibility the staff demonstrates. They've been a tremendous help to my business and have been easily accessible when a situation arises or needs further clarification on VA loans. Since the onset of the Lighthouse program it has been a great resource and presents an opportunity for our Veterans to obtain better financing options.

Would you refer your military buyers to Veterans United?

Absolutely I would refer and have referred clients to Veterans United. I know my clients would be in good hands with them and would be assured they would provide great service.

Where do you see the real estate industry going in the next few years?

The real estate industry in the next few years is going to be a great opportunity for consumers to buy and sell. Property values have stabilized and have seen gradual appreciation in neighborhoods. I see interest rates remaining low which is a great time to purchase or refinance. Best of all I see more veterans purchasing homes due to Veterans United and the Lighthouse Program.