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Roles of a Real Estate Agent: What The TV Shows Don't Tell You

“WANTED: Real estate agent. Duties will include painting, cleaning, counseling, tree removal and pest control.”

If only job descriptions were this truthful. Most real estate agents do far more than take a few listing photos and chauffeur clients to private showings. Dedicated agents step outside the traditional job description and do whatever it takes to satisfy a client and close a deal.

Check out just a few of the many roles played by the average real estate agent, courtesy of our Real Estate Agents-Military Friendly Facebook fans.

1. Housekeeper.

Are homes always in open-house condition? No. Who often brings them up to open-house condition? Your real estate agent.

Scrubbing toilets, removing trash, cleaning up after pets…the average real estate agent has done it all, as agent Jennifer Bradford can affirm:

"Cleaned toilets, laid on the roof of a house at night, to paint the fascia for FHA, scraped mildewed caulk out of bathtubs and reapply, again for FHA... Dusted, vacuumed, change light bulbs, washed window sills, ceiling fans, gum out of carpet... Over 15 years I could probably think of more if I took a little more time, lol!" - Agent Jennifer Bradford

2. Animal Control Agent.

Our furry friends are often anything but friendly. And domestic pets are often the least of a seller’s agent worries. The wilder varieties, from mice to snakes to raccoons, can cause serious damage to a home (and it’s odds of selling).

Now you know why your agent carries a live trap in the trunk.

"I pulled out an 8' vine of poison ivy because the hired contractor whined about it so much. I also live-trapped a raccoon in an attic. Fun, fun, fun!" - Agent Jay M. Jones

3. Landscaper.

Overgrown lawns and jungle-like shrubbery send the wrong message to a potential buyer. Landscaping serves as the “frame” of a home, and plays a huge role in the overall curb appeal.

Who occasionally keeps the frame just as lovely as the picture? You guessed it – your friendly real estate agent.

"I've pulled down Poison Ivy in a suit. Cut down trees and branches. Scooped up frozen dead squirrels." - Agent Gary Mascolo

4. Handyman/woman.

Faulty railings or missing outlet covers can sometimes kill an FHA or VA deal. Going above and beyond to save those sales, some real estate agents have fixed, painted, installed and repaired substandard properties.

Going WAY above and beyond is agent Carrie Heath. Scraping and painting an entire house? Wow.

"I installed a railing, scraped and painted an entire house to meet FHA guidelines, put a clients dog in my car for a showing, recalled a tub, installed a garage door opener (I hate ladders) and the worst - trapped a mouse that got into a basement in a Tupperware dish and dumped it in the back yard (shudder) in a semi vacant house I was doing an open for." - Agent Carrie Heath

5. Hotelier.

Closing day is tough to schedule perfectly. Add in a delay or two and clients can easily be temporarily homeless.

Most agents are happy to help clients locate rentals or hotels. But agent Rosa Nicolazzo Ciccone? She invites clients into her own home.

"Had out of town clients move in with me for a week or so while waiting for a closing that got pushed back." - Agent Rosa Nicolazzo Ciccone

6. Mover.

Sorting, cleaning, boxing, transporting…Moving an entire home is a momentous task. Who steps in to help buyers and sellers? Agents like Tara Hayes:

"I've scrubbed out oven and fridges. Pressure washed a garage floor.. And spent a week helping a 94 year old client pack." - Agent Tara Hayes

7. Daredevil.

In the battle of “Who’s More Dedicated?”, agent (and daredevil Krystle Roth) may take the cake. Read on:

"I've picked up before a showing etc, BUT my best was when more "mature aged sellers" left a house I had buyers for... We showed up to give keys and they had LEFT ( didn't own cell phones home phone disconnected ) and LOCKED the keys INSIDE lol So I got a lift from my buyer and CLIMBED through the very very skinny horizontal window above a shower that would only open about a foot since there was a stopper ! ( yes, there are photos on my Page!!!) lol." - Agent Krystle Roth


8. Bouncer.

In a real estate transaction, the “other” party is ALWAYS getting the better deal. Heated negotiations are just part of the real estate game. The bantering and bickering sends tensions (and an agent’s blood pressure) through the roof.

Agent Gary Mascolo sends buyer and sellers back to their corners, and gets the deal back on track:

"Add Bouncer to the list. You sometimes have to keep buyers and sellers from killing each other." - Agent Gary Mascolo

Real Estate Agents: More Than Meets the Eye

Real estate agents take a lot of flak. Media outlets sometimes paint agents as opportunists, shady, and unscrupulous. And some certainly are. Every industry is poorly represented by a few bad apples, and real estate is no exception.

But as these attestations reflect, the real estate industry is flush with caring, dedicated agents. Agents who are willing to stretch beyond job descriptions to lend a helping hand.

Those are the agents who truly represent this industry. Thank you.