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6 Questions to Ask Real Estate Agents


Real estate agents play a critical role in helping VA buyers navigate the homebuying process.

But from personality and expertise to availability and communication, some agents might be a better fit for you than others.

Spend a little time getting to know an agent before forging a partnership.

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Here are six important questions you can ask when evaluating prospective agents:

  • Do you have significant experience in this market?
    Ask your agent how long they’ve lived and worked in the area. Learn more about how many homes they sold last year and for what average price. Make sure you’re comfortable with their experience. Look for seasoned real estate agents who know your desired neighborhoods and have a track record of success.
  • Do you have VA loan experience?
    VA loans aren’t more onerous or complicated than other types of loans. They’re just different. Make sure your agent understands that you’ll be considering or using VA financing and why this program is so powerful for military borrowers.
  • How many clients are you working with, and are they mostly sellers or buyers?
    You can’t expect to be an agent’s sole client, but you also don’t want an agent who never has time for you. Working with a lot of clients can actually be a sign of efficiency and demand. Learn more about how the agent strikes the right balance.
  • Will I work with you from start to finish?
    Ask if the agent will handle every part of the homebuying process. Some may have an assistant take care of more transactional or administrative tasks. That’s not always a bad thing, but it’s important to be able to talk directly with your agent regularly.
  • How will you keep me informed during the process?
    Make sure your communication needs and expectations match. Some buyers want to connect via text message or email, while others prefer phone calls. Agents can also be more hands-off for buyers who would prefer to lead their own home search. Some agents may give you access to their property search database and allow you to take full control.
  • Can I have references?
    Ask your agent to provide contact information for some recent clients. Steer clear of anyone who hesitates. These previous buyers can provide helpful insight if you’re choosing among multiple potential agents.

Personalities clash, and some partnerships simply don’t succeed. House hunters can spend a lot of time with their agents, and that time should be productive and enjoyable.

Keep in mind that your agent will be with you for all home tours, during negotiations and throughout the closing process.

Veterans United borrowers may be able to work with a Veterans United Realty agent in their area. Agents in this national network specialize in VA loans and helping veterans and their families.

Some homebuyers can even get cash back at closing for using a Veterans United Realty agent.

Talk with a Veterans United loan specialist for more details.

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